Everyone has been there once or twice in their lives. They are on the road and suddenly a wave of anxiety hits, or you are with friends and have a communal smoke would be really nice. But of course, all you have is a BIC lighter and all your friend have is the cannabis. So, you go crazy wandering the streets trying to find a convenience store or head shop to get all your supplies. Now, you have found the perfect head shop. It is time to create a stoners travel kit.

This article will tell you what exactly you should grab for your perfect travel kit. To always carry on the go either in your purse or backpack. Or maybe stored in the glove compartment of a car (do not smoke and drive!). It will be the key essentials to your smoke experience both indoors and outdoors (on the go or just for a relaxing day at the beach).


Ultimate Stoners Travel Kit


Stoners Travel Kit Example of a stash kit, created for the s

1. Your Ganja Supply

What would a stoners travel kit be without the actual marijuana! It is always important to have a decent sized stash kept inside. If you are holding a medical marijuana keeping a copy of your prescription inside is also highly recommended. In addition, carry large quantities around is not ideal. So, only keep 3-5 grams of your favourite strain or mix it up between indica and sativa. Something strong for sleep and something body buzz for the day!

2. A Grinder

Some like the stickiness of crushing up their own cannabis, but when you are out and about it can be overly time consuming and messy. It always draws a lot of unneeded attention. It is simple to grab a pair of scissors or a grinder for your kit. Medtainer has an amazing storage and grinder smell proof bottle and Sharpstone creates mini travel size grinders that are perfect for on the go.

3. Rolling Papers

Even if you aren't really a joint smoker, you should at least carry around some papers for on the go. Facts are bongs will break and dab pieces are too big. This is a great way to have a communal smoke with your favourite friends and it is so easy to do. If you are a big fan of joints, keeping two types of papers is smart such as regular Zig-Zags and some King Size Raw Papers.

4. A Small Pipe or Portable Bong

This isn't necessary for your stoners travel kit but it is a great option for festivals or vacations. Some choose a small pipe or one-hitter. The benefit tends to be a move direct high and for those suffering medically while on a trip this can be a quick way to ease any pain. UniveraBowl is just one company who creates a portable bong. No more need for that spare water bottle to create some make-shift bong. These are small, discreet and popular amongst bong smokers.

5. Pipe Cleaners and Iso Wipes

It is necessary to keep the cleaning supplies handy also within your stoners travel kit. So if you are somewhere more than one day, you can still clean your smoking devices. Some use pipe cleaners for their bongs and pipes. In addition, the use of iso wipes or bong cleaner could be super beneficial. Iso wipes are much small and compact but hard to find. So, worst comes to worse, hit up the dollar store and grab some coloured pipe cleaners.

6. A Vape Pen

Just in case your bong or pipe fails you, or you are feeling a different type of high, bringing along a small vape pen can be really smart. Everyone enjoys a really nice disposable vaporizer that can be used a couple times then thrown away. But always make sure to restock or refill your device. Keep in mind that your stoners travel kit may need some pockets to arrange all the different products.

7. Paper Tips

These are great for those who need filters for their joints. You can either rip it off your packaging from your papers or actually carry proper tips around. However, it is becoming more popular to have 2-1 papers and tips deal, so if you can purchase that you will be fully stocked.

8. A Lighter

Not much you can do with a joint, a bong or a pipe without a lighter. There is nothing worse than getting everything ready, rolling the perfect joint and then you have no lighter. There is also nothing worse than having to go hunt for a lighter, and it will always seem like it is nowhere available. It is key to keep a lighter in your survival kit, then probably another in a backpack and then even a pack of matches in case. Do not run low on this!

10. A survival bag or kit

So you have all the supplies now, but how exactly are you going to carry them around? While finding a case that represents you and is also compact can be really difficult, it is well worth the hunt. Places like headshops, hippie stores, natural stores, Wal-mart and the dollar store are great for affordable cases. Plus, you can always make yourself your own kit out of your favourite fabric.

Additional if needed:


  • Spray - Your favourite perfumer, or even candles that help to keep mosquitoes away. Maybe spiritual cannabis users will light sage or Paleo Santos to eliminate odour and clease the body.
  • Mints or Gum - Nothing worse than stale weed breath and flavour inside of your mouth.
  • Eye Drops - Some people REALLY need this option. If you are travelling it is good to have eye drops anyways but if you get red eyes often, make sure to pack some Visine.
  • Food - While this doesn't need to go inside your survival kit, it is recommended that you have your favourite foods handy. Choosing healthy and smart options will keep you satisfied. In fact, there are fruits and veggies that help to amplify your high!
  • WATER!!! - Really this can be anything to drink, but the best option is water. Keeping a reusable bottle handle is key and nowadays most places have refill stations. It is really important to stay hydrated especially during the hot summer months.